Drilling Grade Barite

The Texrox Quarry     High Quality Hard Limestone

Texrox LLC owns and operates the Texrox Quarry, located in Hudspeth County, Texas.  The quarry is 12 miles northeast of Fabens, Texas and 15 miles east of Horizon City, Texas.


The Texrox quarry property is 640 acres in size, all of which consists of TXDOT quality Permian limestone. 


We are presently offering material in various sizes and forms, including gravel, rip-rap, and base course.


Our prices are competitive and our material is superior.  Ask for a quote.


We price FOB at the Quarry or delivered to location, your option.


Call us:


Texrox LLC       575-642-8302


JMT Texrox      915-474-0878


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