Drilling Grade Barite


Drilling Grade Barite



The Texrox Network

The Texrox Approach

Over recent years of phenomenal growth in the oil and gas business, supplies of certain critical materials were accessed in random and chaotic markets, with little attention given to the integrity of the supply chain or the dependability of the suppliers.  In the case of barite, the price was high while proper delivery and quality were sometimes unreliable.  Bad experiences were absorbed and operators scrambled to find what they needed, and pay what they had to, in the booming environment.  Today, drilling and production function under a much sharper pencil, unforgiving of costly mistakes.  Prices of components like barite are a critical consideration, but so are predictability and timing.


Texrox is organized to accomplish supply-chain stability in making barite available to the oil industry.  We recognize that competitive pricing is only one factor in the delivery of API quality barite. Our system of integration takes the entire supply chain under coordinated control by managing capitalization, acquisition, handling, processing, logistics, and marketing in order to bring the right product in the right form to the customer on time, where needed, and as called for.  We have direct access to key mines in this hemisphere for reliable volumes and quality, and we possess the logistical capability to organize, ship, and deliver barite to any destination. 


Texrox represents the financial strength required to acquire, process, ship, and deliver several thousand tons of product at any given time with no requirement of advance payments from the buyers.  Barite will be delivered, with API proof of quality, to destination before any payment is due.  We are also positioned and prepared to regularly deliver large volumes under long-term contracts.


While enduring historic market reversals, the oil industry in America is developing efficiencies and methods that will continue to lower breakeven costs, assuring its position as a permanent competitive force in the world market.  Among those efficiencies will be improved control over risk factors like unreliable component products.  The Texrox organization fits the new risk mitigation paradigm, complementing the industry’s expectation of profitability through disciplined budgets, well-managed production and supply chain control.

The Texrox



Texrox is a network configured to control the entire supply chain, from extraction at source to delivery at destination. This assures provision of product at the price, on time, and as ordered.


The Texrox network has the access and logistical capacity to deliver custom volumes of barite, from 1,000 to 40,000 metric tons per shipment.


The Texrox network has the capability to lock in prices through long term, monthly delivery contracts.

The Texrox network has the financial strength to acquire, process, ship and deliver product to the buyer without reliance on advance payments.

No payment is due from the buyer until the product is delivered to destination and all quality and contractual requirements have been met.